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Median-Alert™ (1 unit)

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Median-Alert™ (1 unit) - Includes 1 Median-Alert and 17 concrete screws.

The Median-Alert™

Median-Alert™ is a safety device designed to assist in the alert and guidance of motorists by delineating median noses and other curbed areas. This patented device is extremely unique and unlike any other in the retroreflective road marking category of products. It is specifically designed to help correct and improve hazardous road locations and features, as well as address safety problems. Median-Alert™ is a flexible, elongated device that provides for full radius delineation. It combines effective color contrast for daytime visibility and high performance retroreflectivity for nighttime visibility.

Width 2.5" (6.35cm)
Length 48" (121.92cm)
Height 1.25" (3.175cm)
Description Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride, black in color; 50% recycled post-industrial PVC
Specification Hardness : (Durometer A +/- 3, 15) 84 D2240 Specific Gravity: (+/- .02) 1.35 D792
Description 16 discontinuous 1in (2.54cm) wide composite retroreflective elements. These elements contain Type V retroreflective, abrasion, solvent and impact resistant, micro-prismatic strips with a flexible high strength adhesive membrane. White or yellow in color
Anchors / Hardware
Adhesive Adhesive Strip: 48in (121.92cm) x 1.25in (3.175cm) hybrid polyisobutylene (Butyl) adhesive strip. Primarily for initial setting of device on surface.
Mechanical 17.19in (43.66cm) x 1.25in (3.175cm) corrosionresistant concrete screws. For permanent installation of device
Temperature Resistance
Installation Product temperature of +50°F (10°C) surface temperature of +40°F (4°C)
Function Ambient and surface temperature range of -15°F (-26°C) to +150°F (65°C)

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