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The Post-Alert™ significantly enhances the day and nighttime visibility of traffic signs and their posts.

Signs are one of the most important methods of communicating to motorists. But, to be effective, they must be seen. There are millions of signs on our roadways and all play a very important part in this communication. However, there are some that display messages that are more critical than others, and need high emphasis. In addition to these high-emphasis signs, there are other times when signs need enhancement due to their placement in relation to the travel-way. These signs may be too close or too far from the travel-way, or have a partially obstructed view.

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Post-Alert™ Shape and Design


Effective - Provides visibility and conspicuity for traffic signs and their posts, regardless the time of day or the direction of approach.  
Durable – Heavy-duty and innovative design results in years of effective life for most all roadway applications and environmental conditions.
Versatile – Many uses, colors, sizes, marking configurations and mounting.  Insuring a more clear, concise message of most any traffic sign.
Ease of installation - Can be installed in 5 minutes or less with standard traffic sign tools and hardware.  Keeping both the motorist and the installer’s safety in mind.


One - Visually enhance high emphasis traffic signs.  These are signs in need of special conspicuity.  Examples of these are mid-block pedestrian or school crossings, highway entrance and exit ramps, intersection median noses, round-a-bout entrances, sharp curves, high-risk intersections and more.
Two - Improve the conspicuity of traffic signs that must be installed extraordinarily close or far from the travel-way. The signs installed extraordinarily close to the travel-way pose a hazard to the motorists.  Those installed extraordinarily far from the travel-way are difficult to detect in time to communicate their intended message to the driver.  
Three – Make noticeable traffic signs that are close to the travel-way, but are not facing the direction of travel. With only the post and the sign’s edge or back facing the motorist, it is difficult to see and is likely struck if the motorist intentionally or unintentionally departs from the travel-way.

Post-Alert™ Applications
Post-Alert™ Visibility


The Post-Alert™ uses a high performance retroreflective material to provide excellent nighttime visibility. Retroreflective material color and configuration options are offered to meet specific needs and either the MUTCD Object Marker or Sign Enhancement specifications.  The Post-Alert’s™ black base creates a significant contrast with any of the retroreflective material colors so to positively affect daytime visibility as well.


Post-Alert Downloads

To view Installation Instructions online or watch the installation video visit Post-Alert Installation page.

Width 3" (7.62cm)  -  4" (10.16cm) Post-Alert also available
Length 48" (121.92cm) or 72" (182.88cm)
Diameter Outer - 4” (10.16cm) or 5” (12.7cm)      Inner - 3.8” (9.65cm) and 4.8” (12.19cm)
Wall Thickness 0.10” (.254cm) Nominal
Material High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
Color Black
Shape 180° degree C-Channel type with molded male and female fasteners on edges
Fastener Holes (3) 5/16” diameter predrilled
SnapLok™ Connect two Post-Alerts™ for 360° of cover and visibility
Reflective Sheeting High visibility retroreflective sheeting
Configurations Diagonal - Replicates MUTCD 2C.64 Object Marker
Verticle - Replicates MUTCD 2A.21 Sign Enhancement Device
Round Post Hardware
3 sheet metal screws
3 flat washers
Square Post Hardware
3 drive rivets
3 washers
U-Channel Post Hardware
3 nuts
3 - 2.75" bolts
3 flat washers
3 lock washers
Temperature Resistance
Function HDPE is an impact resistant, lightweight, recyclable material that can withstandextreme temperature ranges both high (190°f) and low (-40°f)












The Post-Alert™ significantly enhances the day and night-time visibility of traffic signs and their ..


Post-Alert™ - Box of 10

Post-Alert™ - Box of 10

The Post-Alert™ significantly enhances the day and night-time visibility of traffic signs and their ..


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